SharePoint Workspace Document Limits

In some recent projects, we were asked about offline synchronization to a Laptop.
The limits of the SharePoint Workspace were to hard to be useful for the customers.
Today my schedule was to try to get any new information about the effects of SP1, and started researching.
I found a blog post by Hans Brender, which shows the new facts. After Microsoft had supplied the Service Pack 1 for the whole office branch, SharePoint Workspace is able to synchronize more than before 1800 documents.

Please have a look to the new Limits below:

Office 2010
Service Pack 1 installed?





After 500 documents to synchronize, you will receive a warning message



Maximum 1800 documents you can synchronize. After that count you will only get the properties oft he document synched. A fullsync is only possible if you are online! .



After synchronizing 7500 documents you will receive a warning message in Backstage area.



Starting with 10001 documents you will be able to see a bog red Warning message. Instead of pre-SP1 all files will be synched, but you may have any performance issues in cause of the high number of files.


Thanks to Hans Brender, he had prepared a great article, in german language here

Cheers, Ingo


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