Update missing on SharePoint 2010


in a current project i had the problem, the Central Administration tells me „Product / patch installation or server upgrade required.“ within the health analyzer. So, no worries, download the patches, install them and….heeww, they are already installed….ok, then we will run through the wizard. Wizard told me, that there is a patch missing or reqiured. I tried the psconfig with the same result.

Next try: Verify, that the SharePoint Patch Status shows the same (using URL http://<Centraladministrationurl>/_admin/PatchStatus.aspx), it looks like this:

Ok, looks like a bad thing.

There is a parameter for using psconfig for skipping installation check in front of running. After that, sharepoint feels very comfortable and is ready for work.
To do so, use the following command:

psconfig -cmd upgrade -inplace b2b -force -cmd -installcheck -noinstallcheck

ATTENTION: As normal, some services will be unavailable or restartet during psconfig, so please make sure, you are out of busines hours!

Have fun,


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